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PPPC provides consulting and briefing services to the clients in the central/local governments, Diet, local assemblies and the private sector.

This blog is aimed at providing general information, latest updates and some of our analytical reports about Japan's public policy in English.
The contents include;
- updates on some important government councils, especially those in which our executive officers serve as the members,
- weekly reports on latest news in Nagata-cho, the political center in Japan, (partially).
- analytical reports and articles by our members and distinguished experts outside the firm,(partially).


Reform Menu in National Strategic Special Zones

* Written by Eiji HARA, PPPC President

 The government is nearing the final stage of discussions on the
deregulatory reforms to be undertaken in the National Strategic
Special Zones toward the autumn Diet session. To submit a bill in the
next extraordinary session, the government needs to finalize the idea
within this week to start drafting the bill.
 In a meeting of the Industrial Competitiveness Council on September
20, Tatsuo Hatta, chairman of the Working Group on the National
Strategic Special Zones, and Heizo Takenaka, member of the Council,
proposed the following 15 items as challenges which must be tackled

1.Urban Planning
Relaxation of the floor-area-ratio restriction
Improvement of are management
Admission of using residential apartments for accommodations

2.Medical Care
Acceptance of foreign doctors and nurses in medical centers
Relaxation of the bed-number regulation
Admission of using the drugs and medical devices accepted in foreign
New medical schools tied-up with medical centers

Exceptional measures to start-up companies and foreign companies
  regarding the dismissal rule, fixed-term employment rule, white
  collar exemptions.

Admission of public schools to be managed by private organizations

Reallocation of authority among mayors and agricultural affairs
Application of credit loans to small- and middle-sized corporations
  to farmers
Reconsideration of conditions to be qualified as agricultural
  product corporations
Admission of managing restaurants in farmlands

6.Local Assembly
Lowering the minimum age to run for local assembly elections

Admission of using historical houses for accommodations

 It is critically important how much breakthroughs can be made toward
the bedrock regulations as start-up menu in starting the new
Special Zones. A member of the Industrial Competitiveness Council in
the meeting on September 20 insisted that all the15 items should be
 How much result can be obtained? The answer depends on the efforts
within a few days.

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