Public Policy Planning & Consulting Co. (SEISAKU-KOUBOU) is a public policy consulting firm based in Tokyo, covering broad policy areas such as economic policy, fiscal policy, regulatory policy, administrative reform, international trade and investment, etc.
PPPC provides consulting and briefing services to the clients in the central/local governments, Diet, local assemblies and the private sector.

This blog is aimed at providing general information, latest updates and some of our analytical reports about Japan's public policy in English.
The contents include;
- updates on some important government councils, especially those in which our executive officers serve as the members,
- weekly reports on latest news in Nagata-cho, the political center in Japan, (partially).
- analytical reports and articles by our members and distinguished experts outside the firm,(partially).


This Week’s “Nagata-cho” (22-29.Oct, 2013)

 Last week on October 21-24, the meetings of Budget Committee in both
chambers of the Diet were held where the lawmakers challenged the
Cabinet led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the negative impacts of
so-called Abenomics, consumption tax hike, contaminated water leaks at
Fukushima no.1 nuclear power plant, TPP negotiations, etc.

*The state of deliberations in both Houses and committees are
 available from the following websites. (Japanese only)
 House of Representatives Internet TV
 Live broadcasts and video recordings of the deliberations in the
 House of Councillors

 While the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan criticized the 5
trillion yen of economic stimulus package as a mere collection of
public works projects, Abes confident and straightforward manner
seems to have overwhelmed. Naturally, the opposition camp turned
toward Abes comment in Buenos Aires on September 7 that the
contaminated water problem was under control. Abe toned down the
rosy assessment and his words were less assuring concerning the
ongoing radioactive water leaks

 The ruling Liberal Democratic Party, started sketching special
measures that the national government will play a leading role rather
than leaving the responsibility to Tepco alone. LDP eyes legislation
of such bills to give rights to investigate and monitor the nuclear
power plants to the central government. The legislation will be
proposed in the ongoing Diet session as soon as LDPs minor coalition
partner New Komeito will accept the idea.

 The lawmakers entered discussions on Abes favorite bill to 
establish a Japanese-NSC in the Lower House plenary session on Sep 25.

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