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- weekly reports on latest news in Nagata-cho, the political center in Japan, (partially).
- analytical reports and articles by our members and distinguished experts outside the firm,(partially).


This Week’s “Nagata-cho” (15-22.Oct, 2013)

 The leaders of political parties asked questions to Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe’s keynote policy speech on October 16-18.

*The state of deliberations in both Houses and committees are
 available from the following websites.(Japanese only)
 House of Representatives Internet TV:
 Live broadcasts and video recordings of the deliberations in the
 House of Councillors:

 The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan’s leader Banri Kaieda
stood on the Diet plenary session and argued on the Cabinet’s growth
strategy and its decision to raise the consumption tax rate from next
April as well as the 5 trillion yen of economic stimulus package.
Kaieda also demanded the Cabinet to explain on the relaxation of
employment regulations and controversial TPP issue that the Cabinet is
coping behind the scenes. Kaieda kept on censuring the government for
its slow response to the radioactive water leaks at the stricken
Fukushima no.1 nuclear complex. Abe countered these censures in
sensible tones.

 On October 16, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and DPJ agreed to
establish a Diet Special Committee to discuss the bill of a national
security entailing ideas to create a Japanese version of the U.S.
National Security Council and tough penalties for ‘special secrets’
information leakers. DPJ plans to submit a bill to reform the
Information Disclosure Act designing a system in which the courts
decide whether to unveil the information in the new Special Committee.
The Lower House plenary session approved establishment of the
Committee on Oct 17, and LDP plans to enter discussions on Abe’s
favorite NSC bill as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the bill to impose
prison penalties for information leakers concerning foreign and
national policy will likely be approved by the Cabinet on Oct 25 and
be submitted on the same day.
 Also, LDP plans to submit the four bills submitted but shelved in the
last Diet session such as the bill on Livelihood Protection Law.

 On the social security reform, while there was a movement toward
resuming informal discussions among LDP, New Komeito and DPJ partly,
DPJ on Oct 16 decided not to return to the negotiation table for
political calculation to appeal confrontational attitude against the
ruling coalition to the public. Yet, the policy chiefs of the three
parties will continue discussions on the social security aspect of the
tax-hike. The arrangement was made officially on Oct 21 and the policy
chiefs will start discussions from the next week.

 The policy debates have been going on in the Budget Committees in
both Houses since Monday. The opposition parties plan to censure the
Cabinet for the defects of Abenomics, tax-hike and economic stimulus
package, radioactive water leaks in Fukushima, etc. Also, it is likely
that policy debates over the important legislations such as Industrial
Competitiveness, National Strategic Special Zones, the NSC and
‘special secret’ will be accelerated this week. Let’s watch the
extent of discussions on these legislations in the Diet carefully.

 Following is the state of ongoing deliberations on legislations in
the Diet.

■Deliberated Policies

As of October 18 (Fri.) based on the website of the House of
Representativesand other sources(
 *The links include Japanese websites only.

【 Industrial Competitiveness 】
○October 15, Cabinet “bill to promote the industrial competitiveness”
  The content:


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